We regularly support Tearfund. We send money to help the work of Tearfund throughout the world and also pray for their work. Our most recent gifts have gone to support the relief work in Pakistan and Hiati. 

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  • £88 could pay for a food package for four families for 30 days
  • £40 could pay for a health & hygiene kit to protect 10  families from disease

Flooding in Pakistan

Flooding in Pakistan

Hundreds of thousands of people in Pakistan have been devastated by the worst floods in the country's history.

Updated 3 August 2010.

A Tearfund partner in Pakistan is organising emergency aid to help thousands of people affected by some of the worst flooding the country has ever seen.

Heavy monsoon rains in northern Pakistan have caused floods which have killed at least 1,400 people and left hundreds of thousands more injured and homeless. 

A state of emergency has been declared by one provincial government after three days of rain caused widespread devastation, in some places sweeping entire villages away. 

Roads, bridges, crops and livestock have been destroyed as rivers have burst their banks and inundated vast areas, with Balochistan in the south west and Punjab also affected. 

In the Rajanpur district of Punjab, more than 2,200 families have been affected by the flooding and 11,000 acres of crops have been destroyed.

With so many people dependent on agriculture, the destruction of crops and livestock will leave many survivors facing hunger and uncertainty.

Ashraf Mall, Tearfund’s Country Representative for Pakistan, said although it was the start of the monsoon season, no one had expected such devastation:

‘It’s one of the biggest floods in the history of Pakistan,’ said Ashraf. ‘Looking at the scale of it and the number of people displaced and missing, the death toll could continue to rise.

‘People need food immediately as they have lost their homes and possessions.’

Backed up by extra resources from Tearfund, staff from our partner SSEWA-Pak are responding to the disaster in the southern Punjab and lower Sindh.

However, the destruction of transport and communication links is making this work extremely difficult, with many survivors effectively cut off from outside help.

Reproduced from the Tearfund website 11th September 2010 by permission. Copyright © Tearfund UK 2010 www.tearfund.org

An overview of the work of Tearfund

Tearfund believes that the local church is the answer to poverty. Inspired by the example and teaching of Jesus, they recognise that people have deeply interconnected material and spiritual needs, and we seek to meet those needs by working through our local church partners. Churches are at the heart of their communities – full of dedicated, resourceful people who want to make a long-term difference.

They work particularly in Africa, Asia and South America – and also across Eastern Europe and the UK. Major challenges facing the world today including:

Thanks to access to drugs, Berta is living with her HIV, not dying with it.The prevalence of killer diseases such as HIV, malaria and tuberculosis
The injustice of lack of water and sanitation, which leads to disease and death
We're standing up again injustice wherever we find it.Unfair trade that locks hard working people in poverty
The desert is encroaching in the Sahel region in Niger as the climate hots up.The devastating effects of climate change on poor communities
Natural disasters – helping communities to prepare for them, and dealing quickly with their effects

Tearfund supports craft-workers and artisans from some of the world’s poorest communities, helping them create and market products of the highest standard. Click here to learn more about our Created gifts range.

 Community Mission Partnership 

Tearfund  work through local churches and Christian groups here in the UK, encouraging them to respond to Jesus’ call to look after the poorest and most vulnerable. Tearfund is in partnership with UK charity Liveablility to form the Community Mission Partnership, helping churches and Christians to learn about the causes of, and solutions to poverty and injustice. 

Connected church
By linking churches in the UK with churches in poor communities across the world, Tearfund has created a global network of churches – an effective, lasting solution to poverty and injustice. 

Reproduced  from Tearfund website 8th April 2010 by permission.  Copyright © Tearfund UK 2010 www.tearfund.org