Worship, bible reading and prayer


Worship is about appreciating that God is good and showing our love to him. We do this by singing, praying and by sometimes being quiet.

What would I find if I came to a service?

It can be scary to visit a new place even if you go with a friend. We welcome people from other churches or who have never set foot in a church before.  We are not your conventional church – there are no pews, dog-collars or collections. The style of service is informal.  But there is a music band, singing, praying and explaining the Bible. We enjoy a variety of music styles from old fashioned hymns to the very latest Christian songs. Sometimes people share their experiences of how God has helped them. There is also the opportunity to have a chat and a cup of tea from 10 am before the service starts.

Bible reading and prayer

The Bible is the word of God. It is our guide to travel through life. We examine what it has to say during our Sunday meetings and during the week in house groups. These groups are people from all walks of life who meet in peoples homes to share experiences, study the bible and to pray.

At the Sunday meeting

For our forthcoming services and meetings please open the PDF file below.